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TitleAnatomy and biology of tooth dislocation and wear in the pre-European Maori and Australian Aborigine : with supporting publications.
AuthorTaylor, R. M. S. (Richard Morris Stovin)
InstitutionUniversity of Otago
AbstractSummary: Some 250 Australian aboriginal skulls were studied to ascertain differences in tooth dislocation and wear in this ethnic group as compared with those manifested in the pre-European Maori, with consideration of the differences in cultural and botanical background as contributing factors. Other features were studied, including the crowding of anterior teeth, the incidence of caries and abscesses, and of mottled enamel and tooth fracture. Aspects of physical anthropology and biology were found to be relevant to this study, since they offered explanations for some previously unsolved problems such as edge-to-edge bite, and crowding of incisors in well-formed jaws. The work is supported by 28 illustrations of the dentition selected from various sources, and described in the text. Reprints of 18 other published papers reporting various dental studies of relevance to the above major publication are included in this presentation.
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