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TitleMakutu : a study in the ethnopsychiatry of the Maori, past and present.
AuthorGluckman , L. K
InstitutionUniversity of Otago
Abstract Summary: The thesis is advanced that there are clinical states which are interpreted by Maoris as Makutu or Bewitchment. These are not rare, although not commonly recognised by Medical Practitioners. The thesis is advanced, from a historical survey and clinical experience, that although the clinical manifestions of the syndrome of Makutu have altered over the last one hundred years, the essential nature has not changed, and that it is at all times the explanation of natural phenomena in supernatural terms. This thesis attempts to contrast and discuss the nature of Makutu, past and present and to describe the clinical manifestations as they exist in the present day in the North Island of New Zealand and to show there are public and social aspects of Makutu not usually appreciated. Some of the factors which have led to the perpetuation of Makutu are discussed. Except where otherwise specified, Makutu is used as a general term for Witchcraft and sorcery. Makutu also has a specific meaning for a certain type of Witchcraft.
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